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Custom Hairpieces

Hairpiece are custom colored and cut to your desired style. There are numerous pieces available. Some add length, some hide thinning, some just add a little bang without the commitment and some give you a killer ponytail! Hairpieces are the most temporary option for adding length and fullness or for creating a whole new look! Hairpieces are removed and stored nightly and can be worn every day or styled specifically for special occasions.

Installing a customized bang hairpiece

Top of the Head


Top of the Head is perfect for filling in thin or fine hair, as a hair accessory for volume, or to conceal roots in between touch-ups. This customizable clip-in hair extension parting accessory integrates seamlessly with your  natural hair.

Bang In


The Bang In is the ideal solution for anyone looking for commitment-free versatility in an instant. This faux bangs clip-in extension piece will create a perfect fringe every time. Accentuate your  beauty by creating blunt, v-shaped, straight, brow-skimming, side-swept, feathery, or wispy bangs that clip-on in seconds. Never regret bangs again!

This hairpiece is also perfect for you if you've got minimal thinning at the top of the head and need less coverage than what the Top of the Head offers.

The Fall® Extension


The Fall can easily transform your hair in a matter of seconds! Placed at the crown of the head, The Fall is secured by four comfortable, silicone-coated clips that attach to your natural hair while remaining damage free. The Original Fall hair is hand tied into a breathable weft, which allows it to be redirected to blend with your natural hair. The Fall transforms fine hair into a natural, voluminous look. 

The Ponytail 


The Ponytail is designed to create the long, voluminous ponytail you’ve always wanted! It easily attaches with a small built-in comb.
*Only Available in 16" length

The ponytail_edited.jpg

The Original Halo®️



 (pricing varies by length, color and customization necessary)

The Original Halo® is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a natural effect. It provides instant length and volume, with no damage. Perfect for on the go!


LENGTHS: 12” | 16” | 20” | 24”


The Layered Halo®️



 (pricing varies by length, color and customization necessary)

The Layered HALO® provides a beautiful, seamless blend for clients who are looking to add maximum length and volume. Each piece is designed with 2-3 built-in, gradual layers, providing the most natural style with minimal effort.

LENGTHS: 14” | 18” | 22”


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