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Cybele Styles

Hi there! I'm so thrilled you're here! Let me take a quick minute to introduce myself...

My love for hair artistry was a byproduct of my passion for people.


A small-town, northern Minnesota girl, turned world traveler: it was while living in a van in the north island of New Zealand that I decided I’d  like to try my hand in the beauty industry. The many diverse people I met on that trip impressed upon me the importance of relationships with people from all walks of life.


In 2007, after returning to Minnesota, I graduated from the Aveda Institute, Minneapolis, with a foundation of industry knowledge that can only come from an amazing educational institution. I spent the next 6 ½ months as an apprentice at a premiere salon and spa in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Throughout my hands-on training program, my technical skills continued to expand. Early in my career, I began building a strong clientele base, which quickly elevated me to the title of senior stylist.


In 2010, life shifted a bit when I began working with Hennepin County as a licensed foster parent. I was so grateful to have chosen a career that allowed me to opportunity to have a flexible schedule and the ability to create a healthy work/life balance. Throughout my 7 years as a foster mom, I took a part-time hiatus, working only 2-3 days a week.


In early 2018 I decided to elevate my career and become my own boss.  I am currently the owner of a humble little salon suite I call "The Hygge Hut," located within the Hygge House in Eagan, Minnesota. As a girl with Scandinavian roots, the word hygge and the hygge culture are near and dear to my heart: simply put, hygge [pronounced: hoo.gah] can be described as a warm and inviting environment of camaraderie and comfort! Transitioning from a commissioned stylist to running my own business was a huge shift, but it has been a brilliant choice for my guests, my family and my career. Working close to home, allows me to have more time behind the chair, thus more availability to my guests. For the first time ever, I am able to network and build my business within my own community!


Over the last decade in the industry, I have dedicated myself to ongoing education. My training includes extensive knowledge of technical cutting, advanced color and placement, and brand knowledge and experience across many well-respected brands. I have also been editorially featured in Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine! I am a certified balayage artist through Loreal Professional, and a certified Master Technician with Invisible Bead Extensions®️. My most recent work also consists of the customization of human hairpieces! It has been SO amazing to see the life-changing results of a customized hairpiece on women who were formerly lacking confidence due to thinning hair.


Today, as a wife and a working mother of 3, I can fully appreciate how truly necessary self-care is. Truth be told, I have never been more thankful that the tides are turning toward HEALTY, PRETTY, LOW-MAINTENANCE styles! (Admission: I am a huge formulation geek! I am enamored with the chemistry behind color. Lifting, neutralizing, richening color…I’m captivated by it all! Creating the perfect color for each guest is one of my favorite things!) Rooted bright blondes, soft dimensional brunettes, beachy hair and blunt or textured bobs/lobs…they're MY JAM!


In my experience, open communication, setting realistic expectations and creating a "hair plan" are a must. I believe that thorough consultations are the foundation of an amazing relationship, and that through them trust and loyalty are built. In addition to gorgeous hair walking out of the salon, I believe in the importance of guest education to ensure that every person in my chair is able to recreate amazing hair daily. I love watching guests experience that “ah ha moment” when I talk them through the tips and tricks of a blowout or curling service. I love the way a guest’s eyes light up when she tells you that she’s been using her home-maintenance products and hasn’t washed her hair in 3 days (“and it’s not even greasy!”) I love the hair swing that comes with noticeably healthier hair and growth between appointments! And I love that; no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to massage your own head like I can!


I can’t wait to see you!


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