While your preferences and comfort are very important to me, our health and safety is my primary concern at this time. Here's what you can expect at your next service:

  • A copy of my

    COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

    will be posted in my suite for your review. 

  • If you or any of your immediate family members have shown

    symptoms of any sickness

    within the last 24 hours, please respectfully reschedule your appointment. Cancellation fees due to illness will be temporarily waived at this time, unless they become habitual. Anyone who arrives at her appointment presenting unwell will be kindly asked to leave, charged the full scheduled appointment amount, and will not be allowed to book any future appointments with Cybele Styles.

  • If you are in a "high risk" category, please reach out to me and I will do my best to find an appropriate appointment time for you. This appointment will likely be in the early morning, prior to all other daily appointments. 

  • Please text me your name upon arrival so I know you’ve made it! You’re welcome to come in and have a seat on the front bench or the bench outside my suite or to wait outside and enjoy the sunshine! I will text you back when I’m ready to bring you in for your appointment. If you happen to arrive early, please know that I may not be available to take you until your scheduled appointment time.

  • If you are not comfortable unmasked at your appointment, please let me know in your arrival text as I am happy to mask up with you! 

  • All services are by appointment only and must be approved through 

    my online booking site.

  • Walk-ins are not permitted. 

  • Service and blowout times may be adjusted to allow time to completely disinfect/sanitize the work area between appointments.

  • Although I have been fully vaccinated as of March 2021, if I am made aware of any potential exposure, I will immediately inform any potentially affected guests. 

  • Please understand that this pandemic has affected all aspects of my business. I am diligently updating myself on the changes in this situation. Like many of you, I am figuring this out as we go. I will post updates to my COVID-19 Preparedness Plan as they are made. Thank you so much for your continued patience and grace as we navigate through these uncertain times.